Welcome at Van den Berg Hedera

Van Van den Berg hedera is a hedera grower with more than 30 years’ experience growing hedera’s. We grow a whole range of diverse hedera’s in different pot sizes in our green house in the Noordoostpolder, Netherlands. are proud to have brought the Green for Life® concept to the market in the beginning of 2013.

Hedera’s for Green for Life®brand are discernible from their colorful pots, which at the same time give an idea of their range of application. These hedera’s are quite simple to nurture and fit every interior; from classic to modern, living room or bathroom. Do you desire to give your hedera Green for Life® a place outdoor? It is also possible! Then adorn your balcony or terrace with these ever green hedera’s. Green for Life® is not only beautiful and stylish, but it figuratively makes your life that much greener. Hedera’s will ensure that the air is healthier through reduction of CO2 in oxygen as well as breaking down harmful gasses in the air humidity.


About the grower