The Hedera Helix is originally a shade plant. The ideal location is a mild to a moderately shady place. It can however grow well in direct sunlight when slowly and carefully let to adjust. That is why it is a perfect plant for both outdoor and indoor.

Care Instructions
In Spring and Summer time, the plant loves humid or moist pot soil. Do not in any case wet the pot soil too much because the roots will not be able to withstand that. In Autumn and Winter time it’s better to let the pot soil dry out a bit between 2 watering  i.e give water to the plant and wait for the soil to dry out a bit before the next watering. It is good to spray the plants in the Winter reason being humidity in the room is lower because the heating system is on. This plant is most comfortable at room temperature . It is advisable once in a month to give the plant fertilizer. This should be done when watering the plant. N/B: Always follow the instructions on the fertilizer bottle. The Hedera Helix can grow very well outdoor, when allowed to adjust to it’s environment and as long as it’s completely rooted to the ground it survives moderate frost without any problem. By putting the plant outside in the spring period it is automatically in Autumn adjusted enough to survive.

The Hedera Helix can be trimmed without restrictions. When you trim the plant , shoots form on the ranks where new leaves will grow. Consequently, you get a full plant with long ranks. A rank is a long stem where leaves grow. Hedera’s grow continually as long as you follow the instructions. The growing speed depends on the place you put it and time of year.