Operating Principle

The cultivation of Hedera Helix is completely in our hands. We have set up a partnership with a grower in Kenya where the mother plant is grown. Every week we have cuttings flown in for new Hedera production. The cuttings are then planted in the location where the plants are grown here in the Netherlands. It suits us best to have the entire process in one location, this enables us control and follow the process and overcome problems that may arise during the growth process.After cultivation the plants are moved to the ”fattening” phase. Here the plant grows in to a beautiful, full and mature product.

The heating system in the company happens to a great extent with environmental friendly heat. For this we use residual heat from the adjacent bio gas installation. This makes electricity with residual heat .Use of this heat prevents the heat in the green house coming in direct contact with the air.

Due to the fact that Hedera helix is very sensitive to high temperatures, we have the ability to cool the pots in the summer when the temperature is too high. This happens in an extremely environmental friendly manner. It is for this purpose we use recycled water. In  the summer months we pump water at a temperature of about 8 degrees Celsius, 65 meters deep to cool the green house. The water is then again pumped back in to the ground at the same depth. In the winter months we pump heated water out of the ground which warms the water in the tank and again brought back to the original temperature then pumped back to the ground. It is a closed system that ensures the balance in the ground remains constant.

For plant protection we make maximum use of biological preserved resources. In particular protection from pests, we use other animals. Our aim is to work without a mix of resources. Unfortunately up till now that has not been possible but every year we come a step closer.